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Date:      Wed, 11 Jul 2012 19:11:31 +0100
From:      Gavin Atkinson <>
Subject:   [FreeBSD-Announce] New FreeBSD Core Team elected
Message-ID:  <>

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The FreeBSD Project is pleased to announce the completion of the 2012
core team election.  The FreeBSD core team acts as the project's "board
of directors" and is responsible for approving new src committers,
resolving disputes between developers, appointing sub-committees for
specific purposes (security officer, release engineering, port managers,
webmaster, et cetera), and making any other administrative or policy
decisions as needed.  The core team has been elected by FreeBSD
developers every 2 years since 2000.

Peter Wemm rejoins the core team after a two-year hiatus, with new
members Thomas Abthorpe, Gavin Atkinson, David Chisnall, Attilio Rao and
Martin Wilke joining incumbents John Baldwin, Konstantin Belousov and
Hiroki Sato.

The complete newly elected core team is:
Thomas Abthorpe <>
Gavin Atkinson <>
John Baldwin <>
Konstantin Belousov <>
David Chisnall <>
Attilio Rao <>
Hiroki Sato <>
Peter Wemm <>
Martin Wilke <>

The new core team would like to thank outgoing members Wilko Bulte,
Brooks Davis, Warner Losh, Pav Lucistnik, Colin Percival and Robert
Watson for their service over the past two (and in some cases, many
more) years.

The core team would also especially like to thank Dag-Erling Sm=F8rgrav
for running the election.

Gavin (hat: outgoing core-secretary)

Gavin Atkinson
FreeBSD committer
GPG: A093262B (313A A79F 697D 3A5C 216A  EDF5 935D EF44 A093 262B)

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