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Date:      Sun, 2 Oct 2005 00:51:24 +0400
From:      Gleb Smirnoff <>
Subject:   [HEADSUP] big polling changes
Message-ID:  <>

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  I have just committed a big polling cleanup. First important
point is that only two drivers were tested to work. Please,
if you run CURRENT and polling(4), please reply to this mail,
saying whether your NIC works or not. When I get approvements
for all drivers, then I will be ready for MFC. Current state is:

  em	- tested (ru, glebius)
  fxp	- tested (glebius)
  ixgb	- not tested (changeset similar to em)
  nge	- not tested
  re	- not tested
  vge	- not tested
  dc	- not tested
  rl	- not tested
  sf	- not tested
  sis	- not tested
  ste	- not tested
  vr	- not tested
  xl	- not tested

The second important point is that you should not use kern.polling.enable
anymore. Just turn polling on interface with ifconfig, either manually
or via rc.conf.

----- Forwarded message from Gleb Smirnoff <> -----

glebius     2005-10-01 18:56:19 UTC

  FreeBSD src repository

  Modified files:
    sys/amd64/amd64      trap.c 
    sys/dev/em           if_em.c 
    sys/dev/firewire     00README if_fwe.c if_fwip.c 
    sys/dev/fxp          if_fxp.c 
    sys/dev/ixgb         README if_ixgb.c 
    sys/dev/nge          if_nge.c 
    sys/dev/re           if_re.c 
    sys/dev/vge          if_vge.c 
    sys/i386/i386        trap.c 
    sys/kern             kern_poll.c 
    sys/net              if.h if_var.h 
    sys/pci              if_dc.c if_rl.c if_sf.c if_sis.c if_ste.c 
                         if_vr.c if_xl.c 
  Big polling(4) cleanup.
  o Axe poll in trap.
  o Axe IFF_POLLING flag from if_flags.
  o Rework revision 1.21 (Giant removal), in such a way that
    poll_mtx is not dropped during call to polling handler.
    This fixes problem with idle polling.
  o Make registration and deregistration from polling in a
    functional way, insted of next tick/interrupt.
  o Obsolete kern.polling.enable. Polling is turned on/off
    with ifconfig.
  Detailed kern_poll.c changes:
    - Remove polling handler flags, introduced in 1.21. The are not
      needed now.
    - Forget and do not check if_flags, if_capenable and if_drv_flags.
    - Call all registered polling handlers unconditionally.
    - Do not drop poll_mtx, when entering polling handlers.
    - In ether_poll() NET_LOCK_GIANT prior to locking poll_mtx.
    - In netisr_poll() axe the block, where polling code asks drivers
      to unregister.
    - In netisr_poll() and ether_poll() do polling always, if any
      handlers are present.
    - In ether_poll_[de]register() remove a lot of error hiding code. Assert
      that arguments are correct, instead.
    - In ether_poll_[de]register() use standard return values in case of
      error or success.
    - Introduce poll_switch() that is a sysctl handler for kern.polling.enable.
      poll_switch() goes through interface list and enabled/disables polling.
      A message that kern.polling.enable is deprecated is printed.
  Detailed driver changes:
    - On attach driver announces IFCAP_POLLING in if_capabilities, but
      not in if_capenable.
    - On detach driver calls ether_poll_deregister() if polling is enabled.
    - In polling handler driver obtains its lock and checks IFF_DRV_RUNNING
      flag. If there is no, then unlocks and returns.
    - In ioctl handler driver checks for IFCAP_POLLING flag requested to
      be set or cleared. Driver first calls ether_poll_[de]register(), then
      obtains driver lock and [dis/en]ables interrupts.
    - In interrupt handler driver checks IFCAP_POLLING flag in if_capenable.
      If present, then returns.This is important to protect from spurious
  Reviewed by:    ru, sam, jhb
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.294     +0 -10     src/sys/amd64/amd64/trap.c
  1.74      +37 -34    src/sys/dev/em/if_em.c
  1.2       +0 -3      src/sys/dev/firewire/00README
  1.39      +40 -29    src/sys/dev/firewire/if_fwe.c
  1.10      +47 -31    src/sys/dev/firewire/if_fwip.c
  1.248     +32 -24    src/sys/dev/fxp/if_fxp.c
  1.2       +7 -8      src/sys/dev/ixgb/README
  1.15      +43 -34    src/sys/dev/ixgb/if_ixgb.c
  1.80      +37 -25    src/sys/dev/nge/if_nge.c
  1.56      +49 -40    src/sys/dev/re/if_re.c
  1.19      +51 -54    src/sys/dev/vge/if_vge.c
  1.281     +0 -10     src/sys/i386/i386/trap.c
  1.23      +88 -100   src/sys/kern/kern_poll.c
  1.99      +2 -3      src/sys/net/if.h
  1.103     +1 -1      src/sys/net/if_var.h
  1.169     +41 -28    src/sys/pci/if_dc.c
  1.158     +40 -36    src/sys/pci/if_rl.c
  1.88      +45 -44    src/sys/pci/if_sf.c
  1.140     +44 -31    src/sys/pci/if_sis.c
  1.90      +41 -32    src/sys/pci/if_ste.c
  1.108     +39 -31    src/sys/pci/if_vr.c
  1.197     +45 -41    src/sys/pci/if_xl.c

----- End forwarded message -----

Totus tuus, Glebius.

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