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Date:      Mon, 20 Dec 2004 07:40:57 +1100
From:      Edwin Groothuis <>
To:        Dan Langille <>
Subject:   Re: master sites for deskutils/plans
Message-ID:  <20041219204057.GE63708@k7.mavetju>
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On Sun, Dec 19, 2004 at 03:24:05PM -0500, Dan Langille wrote:
> As mentioned on IRC, I had a look at the master sites for 
> deskutils/plans.  I have no idea why "make master-sites-all" 
> does not return the expected value:
> $ make master-sites-all

master-sites-all returns master-sites with all distfiles.

I had a look at, but I couldn't find a way to get all 
the groups out of it except for parsing DISTFILES:

[~/cvs/ports/deskutils/plans] edwin@k7>make -V DISTFILES  powerani.gif:logo

for each group
    [~/cvs/ports/deskutils/plans] edwin@k7>make -V _MASTER_SITES_plans
    [~/cvs/ports/deskutils/plans] edwin@k7>make -V _MASTER_SITES_logo

So the idea is: MASTER_SITES_ALL returns master-sites where all
files could be found, and MASTER_SITES_group returns master-sites
where files for that group could be found.

It would be nice to have a DISTFILES_GROUPS variable in,
after all it gets called 12 times in the whole process.

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