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Date:      Wed, 04 Jan 2006 09:54:34 +0000
From:      Peter Wood <>
Subject:   Re: update on running FreeBSD on xen
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Good Morning Kip et al,

>The curious can track its status (known bugs, feature plans, release plans,
>etc.) at:
I've been watching this website since just before Christmas and have 
been somewhat excited by the progress you're making. I'm looking forward 
to the days of a FreeBSD dom0. I have a quick question about a comment 
in your STATUS file.

You wrote:

>PAE support will be a function of demand

The server in particular have in mind is a dual Xeon which will take up 
to 16Gb of ram, I've been planning to upgrade it to 8Gb and put Xen on 
it. At which point (as I understand it) I would need PAE. From a selfish 
point of view I'd like to see PAE support for dom0 (I don't imagin 
allocating 4Gb+ to domUs).

Thanks for all your work on this Kip, I wish I could help out, but 
unfortuantly I'm missing sufficent kernel clue, more then happy to be a 
guineepig though.



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